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Year 2

A warm welcome to our year 2 page ! Here is where we will be sharing our amazing learning and information about our year group. Please make sure that you visit regularly in order to ensure that can see our progressive learning journey and see any important updates.

Meet the team !


Red Class - Miss Shermin (year 2 lead) 


Rouge Class - Mrs Data  & Mrs Kwayke


Ekuqe Class  - Mrs Ali & Miss Garcia 


Vermelho Class - Ms Bernard  


Lal Class - Miss Boyce & Mrs Westlake 


Pupa Class - Mrs Miah  


Cas class - Mrs Vora 

Autumn 1 overview

To email Miss Shermin (Year Group Leader) - please use the contact form below.

Year 2 SATs in 2020!


Thank-you to the many parents who attended the information sessions about assessment in Year 2 during October. All children in Year 2 in England will be assessed by their teacher in May. Please find the information here for you to look back at. If you have any questions or queries, please speak to you child's class teacher.

Year 2 SATs Parent Information for May 2018