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Stakeholder Feedback

Below is the feedback that was given from Stakeholders about the school and its staff:

"Dear Ms Preston

I was an adult volunteer on Gascoigne’s Year Six trip to the ROH to see “The Nutcracker”.
I felt compelled to write to say how much I enjoyed the experience and how well-behaved your students were. I helped Ms Begum with her class Ari along with its TLA.
It was very impressive how all the students in her class whom I supervised not only called me either “Sir” or “Mr Douce” but also responded well to my requests and instructions. They also cleaned up the litter and waste from their lunch as well.
My main praise though must go to your Head of Year 5/6, Ms Ferreira, for how well she organised this trip and managed it.
She gave all the volunteers a detailed briefing and run through of the risk assessment before we left the school.
On the trip to and from the ROH, she was exceptional in her focus and attention to detail. She had clearly planned the trip out well and had given due consideration to potential issues and risks.
To have supervised the safe journey of approximately 150 students and 20 or so teaching staff and adult volunteers to and from the ROH via public transport safely, with no major occurrences, must be highly commended.
I hope that she has received the well-deserved praise from both staff and parents for her hard work and dedication.
Incidentally, the students really enjoyed the ballet itself and so did I!
I will be very happy to volunteer for Gascoigne again in the future in any capacity that the school deems fit.

Yours sincerely
Barrie Douce"

"Good Afternoon,
I have just had a very heart felt conversation with the Daddy of a little boy in Nursery who is going through a very tough time with Mummy and her pregnancy. He got extremely emotional and wants me to pass on his appreciation at your kindness in helping him. In his words "Please tell Mrs Preston that that is so very kind of her and I am without words as to how to say thank her enough. You don't realise how much this helps our family"."

"My name is Aisha Rawan, I am the mother of a child in reception class with Mrs Ahmed and Mrs Cetikaya. Sorry if I have spelt their names wrong. As the year is ending soon I wanted to write this email to let you know as a parent how happy and content I am with her journey in reception. She has experienced a safe and happy environment. She has learnt so much from the wonderful teachers in using Reynolds every Friday for PE. I wanted to express how happy I was with the teachers and how wonderful they are with her. I am very, very grateful for the outstanding support given by the teachers to her. They are wonderful teachers and have a good experience with working with children.
I come from the educational background so I believe in parents voicing positive feedback towards teachers who thrive in helping encouraging young children to grow. I am so happy that she has had a wonderful start at Gascoigne and she will miss her teachers deeply. Both teachers have worked very hard with her and she always mentions them with respect.

Many thanks once again and I hope this email gets to you,


"Dear Ms Preston,

My name is Simone. My children currently attend your school. I am writing to you in regard to one of your teachers that has been working closely with my son in year 2 pupa. He has only been attending your school for a few short months, however during his time, I have seen a massive improvement in his reading skills and knowledge. He, for the first time, has been able to read a short book from start to finish on his own with no support for the first time. It was a very proud moment for me as his mother to witness.
Unfortunately, I feel like I can't take all the credit. During school, he has been supported by many different teachers, including his class teacher, who he loves but also by Ms Hashmi (unsure if that was the correct spelling}. She has supported him and me during his learning and I feel like she has made all the difference to how he approaches things and it has made all the difference to his learning. He is always talking about his teachers but he always talks very highly of Ms Hashmi. I just wanted to make sure that she receives the credit for all the help, support and love she has given my son. She always greeted us with a smile and is always a pleasure to deal with. She is a credit to your school and to herself.
P.s that woman deserves a raise!

Many Thanks,

"Hello Miss,

I am Marufa Sultana working as a volunteer in your school. I am working at year one in bulu group with Miss Irena Toncheva. I am enrolling teaching assistant level two at Adult college Barking with my volunteering career. It is a lovely experience to work in your school. I feel so proud that I have got my mentor at your school, who is Miss Irena Toncheva. She is so kind, active and hard-working. I am so thankful in everyway that she has been my teacher.

Kind Regards."



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