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At Gascoigne Primary School, we believe that Music is a unique way of communication that can inspire and motivate children. Research suggests that music ignites all areas of a child’s development and skills, including intellectual, socio-emotional, gross and fine motor and the development of language, oracy and literacy. Exposing children to music can help them to learn, relax and channelise their energy. 

“A high-quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement”

- National curriculum for Music 2014 

At Gascoigne Primary School, teachers deliver exciting music lessons that provide opportunities for our students to develop their musical skills, such as listening, appreciating, singing, playing, finding rhythm, composing and improvising.

At Gascoigne, we use ‘Charanga’ as a scheme of work for teaching Music. This scheme of work can be used by non-music specialist teachers and yet ensures that music lessons are delivered in a way that allows our children to enjoy the dynamic, fun and stimulating activities, while learning valuable new skills. Our teachers and pupils participate in music lessons with enthusiasm, and this contributes towards our students developing a deeper understanding of music in the context of its history and culture.  

Not only that, teachers at Gascoigne Primary School continue to provide curriculum enrichment for music by creating opportunities like visits to theatres to watch musical dramas or concerts and inviting the CMS in to perform.  

At Gascoigne Primary School, just like any other subject, Music is not taught as a stand-alone subject. Cross curriculum links are established and the knowledge and skills that our students develop during music lessons are used in presenting class assemblies and the end of year productions. We encourage budding musicians to perform for our school community. This includes solo and group performances as part of assemblies and concerts, helping to recognise their achievement, celebrate their efforts and success, and encourage other students.  

In addition to learning to use resources from the scheme, we teach music in reception and nursery classes as an integral part of the topic work covered during the year. As this is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum, we relate the musical aspects of the children’s work to the objectives set out in the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) which underpin the curriculum planning for children aged three to five. Music contributes to a child’s personal and social development. Counting songs foster a child’s mathematical ability, and songs from different cultures increase a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world. 


We make music lessons an enjoyable learning experience. Therefore, we are able to encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences through which we intend to build the confidence of all our pupils. Singing lies at the heart of a good music lesson. As a result, through singing songs (during music lessons), children learn about the structure and organisation of music. Our students are confident in listening to and appreciating different forms of music. As our students get older, they are able to maintain their concentration for longer, and to listen to more extended pieces of music. Children develop descriptive skills in music lessons when learning about how music can represent feelings and emotions. We teach children to make music together, to understand musical notation, and to compose pieces (in upper Key Stage 2). 

Not only that, but Music lessons also enable our students to develop important social skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, turn-taking and synchronisation.  

Weekly singing assemblies led by SLT to encourage the children to think about the skills required for singing as well as considering how songs link to current themes of study. 

At Gascoigne, we also offer the opportunity to study a musical instrument with peripatetic teachers. Peripatetic music teaching is provided by the Community Music Service. These lessons are normally taught to small groups of children who have chosen to learn one of a variety of instruments, such as the guitar, flute and piano. This is in addition to the normal music teaching of the school, but usually takes place during curriculum time.  We are fortunate to have a fully resourced and functional music room. Our current Year 5 students are delivered Music lessons by a music specialist teacher. 

Article 31: The right to relax, play and enjoy cultural activities  

Article 13: The right to freedom of expression 

Music Maestro in action!!

Year 5 children developing their musical skills, expanding their interpretative abilities and increasing their overall appreciation of Music.

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Choir Group

Children from the choir group had the opportunity to sing Christmas Carols for the residents of Gascoigne Road Care Home.
The residents and staff thanked our pupils for the kind and thoughtful gesture.

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