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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1





Dear Children,


Each day, your teachers will be teaching you reading, writing, maths and a foundation subject live on Teams. In each session, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions to clarify your thinking and understanding. Tasks will be set on each subject for you to complete during the live teaching and your feedback will confirm your understanding of what you've learnt.

The tasks for each day will be displayed on the Year Group page for you to refer and consolidate daily.


 All learning MUST be recorded in your Home Learning book and shared with your class teacher on Seesaw. Your teacher will respond to one Seesaw post, per subject each day.


   Things we expect to see in your home learning books:

  • All learning tasks completed daily. 
  • Only begin a new page when you have finished the one you are on.
  • Write the short date for reading, maths and foundation subjects and long date for writing activities. Underline your date with a ruler.
  • Write the LO and SC and underline with a ruler.
  • Fabulous handwriting-all letters and numbers in your writing formed correctly.
  • Keep your learning neat and presentable, but most of all TRY YOUR BEST!


Class teachers will visit BUG Club regularly to view your activity report and allocate more books. Also, weekend maths home learning will be set on Mymaths for you to complete.

If you have any questions about home learning, kindly send a message to your class teacher on Seesaw.



Our Beautiful Outcomes

Autumn Home Learning

This year, we are going to try and keep our home learning online as much as possible, to minimise the amount of resources that need to be taken to and from school. In the folders below, you will be able to find your weekly home learning activities which you can complete in your home learning books. This can then be shared with us via Seesaw (we will get this up and running soon). 

Our aim


To ensure that all children experience a smooth and seamless transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage One, thereby building on the foundations that the National Curriculum depends on.

Learning through play will continue to be part of the school day and the children will steadily move into formal learning as the year progresses so that they remain motivated, enthused and passionate about their learning.




A message from our amazing teachers!




Blue class


Mrs Coffie (Year Group Leader)                Ms Jubril


 Hello Blue class smiley

We are excited about this year and looking forward to learning with you. We're counting down to the start of the new year so we get to meet all of you. This year is going to be a wonderful one as we have some fantastic topics to explore. We will sing, dance, laugh, read, write and investigate shapes and numbers and most of all play! Stay healthy and we'll see you all soon.

Lots of loveheart



E Kalter class


    Miss Hagger                                 Mrs Begi


Hello E Kalter classlaugh

We are going to be teaching you this year and we're so thrilled about this opportunity. 

 E Kalter class is all about team work and looking after each other, so we can’t wait to get to know all of you. 

Lots of loveheart



Azul class


    Mrs Vora                                  Mrs Yesmin



Hello Azul classlaugh

We're going to be your class teachers this year.

We're so excited to welcome you all to our new class and hope that you'll have a fabulous year ahead. We cannot wait to start this new academic year with each one of you. So, enjoy each day and know that we are happy to support you. Try your best in everything you do, stay positive, have fun and most importantly keep smilingheart




Bulu class


    Ms Aden                                Mrs Choudhury



Hello Bulu classlaugh

Welcome to Year 1. 

We will be teaching you this year. We're passionate about learning life skills and curious to explore who we are and our surroundings. We hope to share our passion and inspire you as well. We look forward to seeing you and making sure you have an enjoyable and successful year!




Nil class


    Mrs Toncheva                             Mrs Kasu


Hello Nil classsmiley

We're so excited to have you in our class. You are going to have so much fun learning and making new friends. We're looking forward to seeing you all back to school in September and starting our exciting new learning journey.

Stay safe and healthy.

Lots of loveheart



Buluug class


    Mrs Fraikue                               Mrs Osmani


Hello Buluug classlaugh 

We're thrilled to be teaching you this year because we are going to learn so many new exciting things together. We're looking forward to go on a fun learning journey where we'll help you all to succeed.

Best wishesheart












RWI Phonics


We have started RWInc Phonics lessons and all the children are excited about learning to read in a fun way. The children will complete reading and writing activities for 45 minutes to 1 hour each day. They have been grouped according to their reading needs, so classes will be mixed and taught by different "reading teachers."



How can I help my child at home?


  •  Establish a routine to include reading regularly throughout the day and the week. 
  •  Have fun with the Fred talk at home e.g. where is your b-a-g?
  •  Encourage your child to “Fred Talk” any unfamiliar words 
  • Recognise “red words” together- “Remember you can’t Fred a red! “ 
  • Read as many stories to your child as you can. Traditional tales, stories from other cultures, poetry, their favourite story; talk about the stories with them 
  •  Explain the meaning of new words. 


 Most importantly show the fun that can be gained by listening to stories!











Transition into Year 1 Parent information (2020-2021)






Summer Holidays-Home Learning

Important - Use Seesaw to speak with your teacher!


Download the Seesaw Class app via your app store. Use your 12-digit personal text code.

Your child can then share their learning with their teacher and receive feedback.

This opportunity is available for pupils in all year groups, from Nursery to Year 6.

School Closure Home Learning


Hello Year 1, 

Even though you are not at school at the moment, we know you do not want to miss out on any learning! That is why we have made sure you will carry on with your learning, even though you are at home. You are required to complete all your learning into your homework books.

   Each day you will have a Reading, PE, Maths, SPAG, Writing and a Foundation Subject activity to complete. The expectation is, you complete all activities daily.

   Some worksheets may have answers attached or included to support parents when working with their children. We ask that if you have time, to check each day’s tasks before letting your children see them so they do not just copy any answers from the sheet.


   Things we still expect to see from your home learning books;

  • You are completing ALL work each day.
  • Only begin a new page when you have finished the one you are on.
  • Put the short date and what the learning is before completing each task (If you have a ruler at home, underline it. If not, do not underline the date and LO).
  • Your handwriting should be the neatest it can possibly be.
  • We expect you to work just as hard with your learning at home as much as you do when you are in school.
  • All teachers will be regularly making sure all children have books to read on their Bug Club accounts and tasks on their My Maths. We also expect all children to make sure they are regularly practicing their Timetables on TT Rock stars.
  • Twinkl has given free access to their resources. Please follow the link below:

-create an account and enter this code - CVDTWINKLHELPS

Please click on KS1 and there you can search through an abundance of resources. Please search for Maths Reasoning Papers, Arithmetic Papers, Reading Comprehension and Science Resources.


   If children or parents have any questions about the home learning at all, please feel free to email

Mrs Coffie (Year Group Leader) and she will get back to you as soon as she possibly can to support you.

You can do this directly by clicking on the 'Children' tab on the Gascoigne website home page then click on 'Year 1'.

Please check the school website everyday at 9.00am to be welcomed and prepared for the day and then again at 3.00pm to reflect on the day.

Thank you for your hard work and continuous support in these uncertain times.


Year 1 Team.


Transition into Year 1


All children have settled very well into Year 1 and are enjoying their new classes. The level of adult-led  and child initiated activities reflects the ethos of EYFS. As the children mature, adult- led learning will increase. Through adult-led activities, the children will be introduced to new ideas, providing opportunities for them to develop their skills and knowledge, in order for them to be able to apply their new learning in all areas of the curriculum.


Look at us having fun!




Phonics Screening Check Parent/Carers Meeting


Thank you Parent/Carers for attending the Phonics Screening Check meeting! It was great for us to come together to discuss how we can support our children to prepare for this checks and also develop good reading habits. 

Please contact your child's class teacher if you need further information about how to support your child with reading at home. 


Please see below the presentation materials for your reference.



Phonics Screening Check Information

Alien Invasion 2019!


This week, something very exciting happened at Gascoigne! When the children came back from their Easter break, the teachers were very worried and concerned. 

Many members of staff found lots of interesting clues in the playground, and the Year 1 children helped us to investigate...



The children investigated the clues and discovered some spaceship debris, some oozy green slime and some mysterious yellow footprints. Who could it be? Why were they here? The children discussed their ideas and built their vocabulary ready to apply to their writing.


We returned back to class and things got even more mysterious when we received a video from a passer by, who spotted something over the Year 1 playground earlier that morning ( 


The children were SO excited by the thought of a visitor - we decided to write to the alien, just to check if they were okay and if they needed any help. The day was a complete success! (Apart from Miss Blankson, Mrs Jean-Baptiste and Mr Fox who got quite 'the surprise' while they were tidying up the playground. (






Thank you Parents/ Carers, for attending our recent Parent Meeting. We hope that the meeting was able to provide you with some valuable insight into your child’s learning in school. We look forward to our continued partnership throughout the remainder of the school year. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s learning, do not hesitate to contact us.