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Welcome to Nursery!

Were so happy to have you joining us and we can't wait to see you all very soon!

At Gascoigne Primary School Nursery we see every child as a unique individual and strive to provide a curriculum that reflects this. Children are encouraged to ‘have a go’, be willing and eager to engage with their learning and to ‘keep trying’, this fosters a positive approach to learning. Our Nursery team support children to confidently express their own ideas, preferences and encourage children to ask and answer questions and find solutions to their problems so that they can achieve what they set out to achieve.

We enjoy a play-based, structured curriculum which involves children learning and exploring through play. This allows the children to have practical experiences such as cooking in our ‘mud kitchen’, playing with umbrellas in the rain or making potions and writing their recipes. We believe that the children learn best through a ‘hands on’ practical approach. Every day there are opportunities for children to express themselves. Our curriculum is delivered through an indoor and outdoor environment. Children can participate in physical activities everyday such as parachute games, climbing, and ball games with their friends and adults who support them to develop an understanding that we need to be active to help us to be healthy.


We hope you have a wonderful Summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September!!


Mrs Rayet and The Nursery Team

Summer Home Learning from your Reception Teachers

Important - Use Seesaw to speak with your teacher!


Download the Seesaw Class app via your app store. Use your 12-digit personal text code.

Your child can then share their learning with their teacher and receive feedback.

This opportunity is available for pupils in all year groups, from Nursery to Year 6.


Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well indoors. Even though your child is not in our Nursery at the moment, we do not want them to miss out on any learning! The Nursery Home Learning folder contains a range of fun, engaging and challenging activities that will help children to practise the skills they have been learning in school with us. These include literacy activities to encourage children to practise some of the following:

Reading - Whether your child is beginning to read themselves or whether you are reading to them.

Phonics skills- All the children in Nursery have been following the schools phonics scheme that is RWI .

Writing- Whether your child is making marks on a page or beginning to form letters and numbers.

Along with lots of maths activities and ideas. The activities will support all 7 areas of learning in EYFS Curriculum that your child have been developing in school and encourage them to practise a range of different skills.  We have also added lots of ideas to Stay Active indoors, also perfect for having some fun at home in the event of a school closure.

If your child or you have any questions about the home learning at all, please feel free to email Mrs Rayet (Year Group Leader) and she will get back to you as soon as she possibly can to support you.


Please check the school website regularly for updates.


Thank you for your hard work and continuous support in these uncertain times.


Stay Safe Stay Home

From all of the Nursery Team

Celebrating Children's Home Learning

Hasan's Home Learning

Hasan from Ebardhe has been super super busy over the past couple of weeks. Hasan we love your very colourful rainbow. You look like you have been doing some great writing too. Remember to use a capital letter at the beginning of your name and then lower case letters for the rest like this...... Hasan

We are so proud of you well done!

Saisha's Home Learning

How amazing that Saisha has had a go at all the activities that were set on our home learning areas. Were so proud that Saisha has been practising her numbers by making a caterpillar chain.She has been trying hard to write some of her phonic sounds .We especially love the tree you painted it looks like a beautiful spring tree.

Zakariyya's Home Learning


Zakariyya looks like he has been super super busy. We loved seeing your 'sink or swim' experiment. You looked like a little Scientist. Mummy said "he predicted which objects he though were going to sink or float first". He has also been busy practising his  phonic sounds and drawing pictures of his grandparents who he is missing. 

Muntasir's Home Learning

What amazing work Muntasir has been doing whilst he has been at home. Not only has he been practicing how to write his numbers but he has been challenging himself to add two numbers together. We also love his picture of a Butterfly. Muntasir you have even remembered to make the Butterflies wings symmetrical! Fantastic!

Woody's Home Learning

Wow! We have loved hearing how helpful Woody has been at home for his Mummy. Mummy said "Woody has tidied away and helped make lunch. Woody is currently working with a chart and is enjoying this." 

Woody has also drawn pictures/letter to send to his Great Grandad to remind him he is thinking of him which Mummy has posted out to him. We're sure he will love getting them. Keep up the amazing work Woody!

Nursery Opening Times


Attend and Achieve

Coming to school every day is the best way to ensure that your child gets the best from all the learning opportunities offered here at Gascoigne Primary.



The gates open at the following times. 

AM: 8.25

PM: 12.25

Please ensure your child is in school by

8.30am (morning session)


12.30pm (afternoon session)

as learning starts straight away with self registration. 

Please come in and help support your child with this 


Settling into Nursery Routines


All the children are now settling into routines . 

We are encouraging children to be independent,


Can you please make sure their coats and bags  are clearly labelled with their names.


All children need a bag of spare clothes left in school so that they can be changed . 

items recommended for this are the following;

spare trouser or skirt


socks or tights


Meet the nursery staff

Mind Up

In nursery we have been learning about two parts of our brain the Pre-frontal Cortex and the Hippocampus. We ave enjoyed learning about different parts of our brain and we also enjoy our daily brain breaks. Which are either done as a whole class or imdividually as and when needed for some calm time.


The Brain Break helps children focus attention and regulate emotions

Practiced three times per day, this focused breathing practice gives children a tool to help them to regulate their stress and emotions through regulating their physiology, and activating the attentional regions of the brain.



Controlled, focused breathing is an exercise in mindful awareness. When practiced regularly it allows children to:

  • Think more clearly

  • Act in a reflective manner

  • Better regulate their emotions

  • Reduce their stress

  • Make better decisions


Spring Term Topic 

Growing and Mini beasts


We will using different stories to teach the children about the different

types of plants, how they grow. We will be exploring life cycles of mini beats 


Some of our stories include;


















Topic Based Activities- Growing Things


During this half term we have been exploring the topic 'Growing Things'. We have have been planting our own runner beans and we have been making our Mr Potato heads. 

Nursery Enviroment

World Book Day 2020

World Book Day is a registered charity on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own. It's also a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it's a celebration of reading.

This year in Nursery we celebrated the day by dressing as our favourite book characters. (Our teachers all dressed as characters from Alice In Wonderland) We also had the privilege of sharing both one of our deputy heads and governours favourite books


Ebardhe Nursery's Teddy Bear Picnic

Nursery's Wriggly Nativity


 During the months of November and December the children in Nursery have been busy rehearsing this years Nativity 'The Wriggly Nativity'. We have had fun learning new songs and learning the story behind the celebration that is Christmas....... Jesus birthday.



Library Visits 



Nursery children will be using the school library system in school to share books at home


Nursery gates open at 11.15 on Library days so that you can come and support your child choose  their book from the story room 


Library days are as follows:



Blanc Class                                    White Class                                      Ebardhe Class 

          Thursday                                        Wednesday                                        Monday 

Supporting your child at home