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Reading with your Nursery child - May 2022

A Christmas song from us to all of you

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We can't believe we have actually started back at Nursery. We have all settled in well. Some of us have come back for a second year so we have been great helpers and have made our new friends feel very welcome. We have explored so many areas. Check out some of the things we have ben doing in certain areas...


Water Area: We have been exploring water and different ways of moving it. We have learnt about scooping water and pouring water. Sometimes water can be poured into big bottles other times it can be poured into small bottles but be careful remember it can spill. But don't worry we are being taught to wear our aprons so our new uniforms don't get wet.


Sand Area: We all love exploring the sand area. Sand can be dry and it can be wet. We have been using different objects to help us to scoop it up. But oh no sand can get everywhere!! Don't worry though we are big boys and girls we can brush ourselves off and we can use the brooms to sweep the floor.


Mark making: We have been super writers and have been exploring different ways to make marks. We haven't only used pencils and pens but we have also used chalk and shaving foam. It has been so much fun. Some of us have even been writing our own names. Aren't we clever!!


Physical: Oh my how much fun we have had, we have explored both inside and outside. We have been practising how to crawl through things with our hands and feet and we have even climbed up the frames and jumped off onto the mat. Some of us pretended we were superhero's!!


Maths: Numbers numbers and more numbers wow we have sung number songs and have explored the numbers 1-5 we can't wait to learn more about numbers in the future.


We have had so much fun learning our new Nursery routine. We have been learning our new teachers names and have made new friends. Not to mention the lovely snacks we have had every day. So don't worry grown ups we are fine we are having a fantastic time. 


You could also help us at home by helping us to be INDEPENDENT. Help us to use the toilet by ourselves as we do use the toilet in school like big boys and girls. Also please help us to put our own coats on. We have been doing this in school so we can also do this at home too. 


Watch us grow Mums and Dads soon we are going to be so grown up and clever and INDEPENDENT!!

Transition Meeting PowerPoint

Welcome to Nursery

September 2021- 2022

At Gascoigne Primary School Nursery we see every child as a unique individual and strive to provide a curriculum that reflects this. Children are encouraged to ‘have a go’, be willing and eager to engage with their learning and to ‘keep trying’, this fosters a positive approach to learning. Our Nursery team support children to confidently express their own ideas, preferences and encourage children to ask and answer questions and find solutions to their problems so that they can achieve what they set out to achieve.

We enjoy a play-based, structured curriculum which involves children learning and exploring through play. This allows the children to have practical experiences such as cooking in our ‘mud kitchen’, playing with umbrellas in the rain or making potions and writing their recipes. We believe that the children learn best through a ‘hands on’ practical approach. Every day there are opportunities for children to express themselves. Our curriculum is delivered through an indoor and outdoor environment. Children can participate in physical activities everyday such as parachute games, climbing, and ball games with their friends and adults who support them to develop an understanding that we need to be active to help us to be healthy.


We hope you have a wonderful Summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September!!


Mrs Rayet and The Nursery Team


Nursery Opening Times


Attend and Achieve

Coming to school every day is the best way to ensure that your child gets the best from all the learning opportunities offered here at Gascoigne Primary.



The gates open at the following times. 

AM: 8.25

PM: 12.25

Please ensure your child is in school by

8.30am (morning session)


12.30pm (afternoon session)

as learning starts straight away with self registration. 

Please come in and help support your child with this 


Settling into Nursery Routines


All the children are now settling into routines . 

We are encouraging children to be independent,


Can you please make sure their coats and bags  are clearly labelled with their names.


All children need a bag of spare clothes left in school so that they can be changed . 

items recommended for this are the following;

spare trouser or skirt


socks or tights


Mind Up

In nursery we have been learning about two parts of our brain the Pre-frontal Cortex and the Hippocampus. We ave enjoyed learning about different parts of our brain and we also enjoy our daily brain breaks. Which are either done as a whole class or imdividually as and when needed for some calm time.


The Brain Break helps children focus attention and regulate emotions

Practiced three times per day, this focused breathing practice gives children a tool to help them to regulate their stress and emotions through regulating their physiology, and activating the attentional regions of the brain.



Controlled, focused breathing is an exercise in mindful awareness. When practiced regularly it allows children to:

  • Think more clearly

  • Act in a reflective manner

  • Better regulate their emotions

  • Reduce their stress

  • Make better decisions

Nursery Enviroment

Library Visits 



Nursery children will be using the school library system in school to share books at home


Nursery gates open at 11.15 on Library days so that you can come and support your child choose  their book from the story room 


Library will be on Wednesday