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Year 6

This week (21.01.20) we used our computing slot to start our D.T. work. We looked at healthy food packaging and its effectiveness.


"There are many colourful designs and some characters are used to appeal to children" Riya.


"Companies use repetition of buzz words like: healthy, no added sugar and low fat. Lots of packaging is green to link in with the traffic light system. Green means good for you." Arnav.

In year 6, in the next couple of weeks, we are going to be making a movie about code crackers based on the famous code cracker, Alan Turing. 


This week we began making our storyboards, decided on backgrounds and props.

This week (11.11.19) Children found out how search engines work. They pretended to be software spiders searching for things around the classroom. 




"I enjoyed going around the class looking for things like we were google software spiders."



"I found it surprising that google does all of those things behind the scenes. All we have to do is wait half a second and all the web pages are there!"



"I found it fascinating because I learnt that out of billions of pages they can fish out the content I want to see."



"I found it amusing that in half a second google spiders can go around lots of links and the information you want is right there!"

In Year 6, children have been learning about LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network) from our ICT systems manager Mr. Puttnam. Why Don't you ask your child to tell you about the school network and how it works?