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Year 4

Green class 

Miss Bhudia would like to congratulate ALL of the children that have attended remote learning this week, a big well done to you all as I know it is isn't easy during lockdown but you are all doing so well, keep it up! 


Anas has really impressed Miss Bhudia this week, as he is listening carefully, taking part in the lessons, behaving better and is sharing excellent ideas. Well done Anas and keep up the hard work! You should be proud of yourself for making good choices.



Class of the week 

Shobuj- for having the most people passing Soundcheck this week! Well done. Lets see which class will have most pupils passing Soundcheck next week. 


Pupils of the week 


Ozan with 223 studio games so far, the best studio speed at 0.76s.

Aanya the highest number of Soundcheck games 142.



Evelina, Vrishank and Jannah for playing 100+  Soundcheck games, since having TT Rockstars and now achieving 25/25. 



Abdelrahman for practising his times tables daily and as a result, he has made significant progress in his TT Rockstars scores. 



Ayan for consistently practising and being a fast TT Rockstar, even beating Ms Bhudia!


Alawo ewe

Omar for being the first person in his class to play over 100 Soundcheck games. Well done! 



Arsal for practising Soundcheck regularly. Well done and keep it up.