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Year 3

To email Mr Hollingsworth (Year group leader ) - please use the contact form below.

Welcome to Year 3 - The class names this year are;

Purple, Eleyi Ti, Jaam, Violet,  Vjollce, Guduud and  Roxo.


Welcome to our year 3 web page. Here, you can find all of our fantastic learning that has taken place in our classrooms. You will be amazed at how great we all are. We hope you enjoy our learning journey as much as we do !


Our team !


Purple Class- Mr Hollingsworth


Guduud Class- Mrs Johal


Eleyi Ti Class- Miss Onyebalu 


Roxo Class - Mrs Choudhury


Vjollce Class- Mrs Ajmal


Jaam Class - Mrs Blankson


Violet Class - Mrs Stanciu






What standard is expected in Year 3? Take a look at our Target Tracker National Curriculum Steps.


As part of the curriculum, children are expected to complete comprehension tasks independently. In order to ensure that our children are achieving the expected progress they will need practice these skills. Attached is a completed comprehension task that models what is expected of the children in year 3. The model along with the simple steps provided below should help you to assist your children in completing this activity as part of their home learning. You may work with your children but please be aware that during test conditions children are expected to complete all reading independently. Please let the children complete the tasks independently and then follow the steps below to check through it with them together after they have completed it.


4 step guide for comprehension:

1. Read and understand the text.


2. Read and understand the question

  • What is it asking you to do?


3. Highlight the important words in the question.

  • Think about where the answer might be.
  • Highlight text


4. Find the answer

  • Look at how many marks the question is worth to determine how much detail you will need to answer in.

5. Answer the question.