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Year 3 & 4

Facts about France

This learning activity will allow you to discover interesting information and facts about France. 


  • Follow this link to discover some famous French landmarks. Choose your favourite one and create a poster about it. You could draw the landmark in the centre and label your poster with key information.


  • Find some facts about France and use them to make a fact file



  • Watch this video and create a timeline of the History of France.


  • find out what French people love eating. Pick one of the dishes, draw it and label the different ingredients in French.


  • Choose a French speaking country from this ​list​. Create the identity card of this country to present relevant key information.


  • Use a ​blank outline map​ of France to plot the locations of French cities, towns and places of interest,

Les émotions

This project will teach you useful emotions and feelings phrases in French. Follow the link to discover the vocabulary and practise the correct pronunciation.


Go through story books you have at
home. Try to identify the feelings the
characters in the drawings are
displaying and name them in French.
Play the miming game with someone
at home. Ask someone to mime
feelings to you and guess what they
are miming… in French!

In your workbook, write down the
different emotion phrases in French
and label them in English.
Write the different emotion phrases
in big speech bubbles. Then ask
someone at home to take a picture of
you miming them with the speech
bubble next to your head.

Create a set of emojis that would
illustrate each of the emotion
phrases you have learnt. Then try to
name them all in French.
n your workbook, keep a record of
the feelings and emotions you go
through every day. Use your
knowledge of dates and feelings in
Eg: Jeudi sept mai. Je suis triste.



La météo


This week you will be learning useful weather phrases in French. Click the link below which will take you to the vocabulary.

Click below to listen to the weather song and practise singing along.

Print or draw a map of France with the main French cities. Draw different weather icons on your map and present your own weather forecast in French. You could use the BBC weather forecast to help you. À Paris, il pleut. Write the different weather phrases you have learnt and make a drawing for each to show their meaning. Make sure your spellings are correct!
keep a record of the weather on each day of the week. Follow this example: Aujourd’hui, c’est lundi. Il fait chaud. Create a crossword using the weather phrases you have learnt in French.

Test your knowledge of the weather vocabulary in French by completing the quiz linked below


Les animaux de la ferme


Have you heard of the song "Old MacDonald had a farm” I'm sure you have! This project is about animals and the sounds they make in French. Click the link to discover the French version of the song and learn some interesting French vocabulary.


Here are some activities you can try...



Practise singing the French “Old MacDonald had a farm” song until you’re confident. Recite this song to someone at home.

Draw a farm with the animals of the song and label them in French. Then draw a speech bubble for each and write the sound they make in French on some paper or in a book, draw 3 columns: animals in French, sound in French, sound in English. Fill up the columns with your existing knowledge and the words you’ve learnt from the song.


Ask someone at home to mime animals and / or make the noise of the animal in French then guess what it is called in French.

Create a wordsearch with the French name of the animals and / or the sound they make in French. Research other animals and the sound they make in French on the internet. Write your own version of the French “Old Macdonald had a farm” song. You can write it down.


Les Fruits et les légumes


This learning is about fruits and vegetables. Use the links bellow to help you to learn as many words as you can.


Gather al the fruits and vegetables you can find
(they can be real or plastic). Can you
name them in French? Label them
and take a picture or record yourself
naming them.

Design flashcards to practise

the vocabulary you’ve learnt.

Cut out paper into cards, write the word on
one side and draw a picture on the
other. You can then test yourself and
your family!

Write opinions in your workbook on

the fruits and vegetables you have
learnt using the 4 phrases practised
in class:
J’aime / J’adore / Je n’aime pas / Je
Example: J’aime les tomates.

Create fruits and vegetables using
resources and materials you can find
around your house. Design a market
stall and label the stock you’ve
created in French. Take a picture of
your creation!
Draw a french market with fruits and
vegetables stalls. Label your drawing
with the vocabulary you have learnt
Write noun phrases in your
workbook using numbers with fruits
and vegetables vocabulary. Challenge
yourself by adding colours too!
Example: trois tomates rouges .