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Year 2 Hooks 2020-21

Autumn 1 - Life on Earth

Character Development Strand: Protecting the Environment

Learning Rationale: "Developing a love and curiosity for the living world..."

Texts: The Lonely Beast (Judge) / Moth (Thomas + Egneus) / Fly Guy Presents Insects (Arnold) 

Relevant curriculum content: 

  • Writing: Explanations / Reports
  • Science: Living Things and their habitats
  • Geography: Continents and Ocean of the World
  • DT: Mechanisms - Moving Minibeast Toys
  • RE: Where did the world come from and how should we look after it?



2020-21 Hook: "Jaws and Claws" Workshop

Year 2 came up close and personal with a wide range of species from across the globe in the Jaws and Claws animal handling workshop.