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Wura Class - Mrs Acquah-Aikins

Hello Wura pupils for 2020/2021!

My name is Mrs Acquah-Aikins and I am so excited to be your teacher from September. It is going to be a very exciting and busy academic year with much to experience and explore as we learn and grow together.  I can’t wait to get to know all of you and the experiences you would be bringing and sharing in our class. I know it is going to a happy and productive school year.

I have been teaching in Gascoigne Primary School for the past 15 years and I have always loved what I do because of the support I get from my pupils, parents and colleagues.

I believe we are all going to spend our time in Year 6 Wura Class, strengthening and supporting each other in order to share joyfully in our achievements and make our final year in Gascoigne a memorable one!

 I believe the year is going to be an eventful one and I hope you are all just as excited as I am.

I would like you to ponder on the following for the year ahead:

  • Learn to compliment others, and be proud of your own accomplishments.
  • Believe in yourself, for you are stronger than you know.
  • Try hard. Ask if you need help, and trust others will help you.
  • Fill your heart with laughter and always smile.
  • Always remember you are all unique, special and amazing individuals. There will never be another you so believe in yourselves. Dream, believe, wonder, inspire, love, and always listen to others.

Once again, I am looking forward to being your class teacher and I can’t wait to see all of us working together to make our time in year 6 the best year ever!

Wishing you all a very restful and exciting summer but please remember to read daily and practise your times tables. Stay safe in all you do.

See you all in September 7th.

Mrs Acquah-Aikins