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Tuesday 28th April

Hello again Year 3!


I hope you had a great day and enjoyed today’s learning and activities.

Which task did you enjoy most? Did you find anything challenging? How was your Reading comprehension today? Did you find the Geography lesson engaging?


The answers for the Reading Comprehension, SPaG and Maths are now available so go and check how you got on!

Have you all used your beautiful joined handwriting in your Writing today? Please share the final piece of your writing with us so that we can add it to our ‘Celebrating Our Learning’ folder for everybody to see and be inspired by.

Don’t forget to take photos of your fantastic learning and send it to Mr Hollingsworth: .


Also, remember to carry out your learning by logging on to: My Maths, TTRockStars and Bug Club. Remember that your teachers are monitoring your online activity regularly on all these websites.


Please ensure you are reading for at least 30 minutes every day.




Enjoy the rest of your week, take care and stay safe!

Mrs Stanciu ( VIOLET Class)

Good morning Year 3 children!!!


I hope you and your family are keeping yourselves safe. Are you all ready for another amazing day of exciting home learning? I’m sure you are!


I want to say a HUGE ‘Well done’ to all children who have shared their fantastic home learning with us. Your teachers are very proud of you. Keep it up! We are expecting to see other new children’s names as well. I know I am!!!


Firstly, you will start your daily exercise with Joe Wicks, another refreshing PE session to help you re-energise your body and brain!


For Writing, your task today is to write the middle of your Greek myth. Don’t forget to use your plan and the success criteria provided to support you today. Remember to write in paragraphs and use joined handwriting, so that your writing is beautifully presented. Also, ensure you have checked and improved your writing once you’ve finished.


In Maths, you will learn how to subtract fractions with the same denominator. You will be using bar model to support your understanding of this. Remember to play the PowerPoint information before you start the main activity as it provides you with the necessary knowledge and information so that you can complete the task successfully.


In today’s SPaG lesson, you will continue to practise using place and cause conjunctions. Again, remember to read through the Place and Cause Conjunctions information to refresh your memory before starting the activity for today.


For Reading today, you will need to complete a comprehension task based on another exciting myth called ‘The story of Arachne’. Arachne was a very talented Greek girl, who was turned maliciously into a spider by the goddess Athena. Let’s see who is confident and brave enough to select the ‘tricky’ task? Remember to use the reading strategies and inferential skills we have taught you at school to answer to all questions correctly.


Finally, it’s Geography! A very interesting and engaging lesson for today! You are going to identify and locate Greece and the surrounding seas on a map of Europe. Let me tell you a secret: Mrs Stanciu loves Greece and always goes there on summer holidays! Greece is a peninsula and consists of many islands. Also, Greece is a very popular holiday destination. Remember to follow all the steps in the lesson presentation to successfully complete your task for today.


Remember to take regular brain breaks during your learning to help you stay focused and I’ll be back in the afternoon to see how you got on with your learning.


Have a lovely day!

From Mrs Stanciu (VIOLET Class)