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Fred's Friday Message!

Dear children, 

Happy Friday!!! It’s Fred again…ribbet! 

I hope you've had a fantastic week of learning. I've been reading your great stories and I'm very impressed with your spelling, punctuation, adjectives, illustrations and most of all your imagination!


Just give yourselves a 'rainbow clap' and...a 'marshmallow clap' for being the best authors.


I’m really going to miss you when you are away for the weekend. 


To keep me cheerful, I would like you to write a letter to me, telling me about all the interesting things you’ve done throughout the week. For example: your fun 'time' activities,  games you played, daily exercises, cooking activities, investigations and most of all your amazing learning.


Remember to use all your writing tools to make your writing readable. Can a frog actually read? Yes! I always use my two bulging eyes to see better and my webbed feet to open the pages.


So, get writing as I can't wait to read your  letters to the animals in the house.




Yours truly,

Fred the Fabulous Phonics Frog (r-i-b-b-e-t )