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Hoorah Year 1,


What a wonderful writing you produced yesterday! Your teachers were amazed at your chronological events of Mary Seacole's life, neat handwriting, good use of time connectives, capital letters and full stops. They just didn't believe the writing came from Year 1 pupils! What a great impression!!!

All your class teachers are very proud of you and we're very pleased with how much effort you put into your learning.


Since you know all about the life of Mary Seacole, we're going to challenge you to create a fact file about her life today, so we can share with your friends in Year 2. Remember we have done a lot of this kind of writing in class already, so now it's your turn to show your parents how to create a fact file.


You have a choice of using the attached template or create your own, using ideas from the template.


To make your writing readable to your readers, you need to remember to use all your writing tools, so, get your toolbox and ready steady go! us if you need help.


Have fun!