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Hoorah Year 1,

We have exciting news for you! We would like to share the information that you've gathered about Mary Seacole with the rest of the teachers in the school and we need your help to make her life story clear and easy to read and follow.


So, your task for today is to put Mary Seacole's life events in chronological order; beginning from when she was a child, till when she moved to England (4-5 key events).


To make your sentences even better, you will be using Time connectives such as 'First, Next, Then, After, Later and Lastly.' This will help the teachers get a better understanding of when the events took place in Mary's life.


Before you begin your writing, we'll like you to read through Mary's life story again (open the attachment below for the story) to remind you of the events that took place and when it happened. 


When you finish reading the text, take your writing tool box and start writing. Remember to use all the tools for writing, and email us if you need any help.


Have fun!