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Happy Monday Year One! 


Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and you’re ready for a new challenge. We are starting a new writing focus, and this time you have a new job. Your job is to become an author again, but this time, you would be finding out and writing about someone’s life story; which is called a BIOGRAPHY. A biography is a piece of writing that tells us all about someone’s life. It includes all sorts of facts, such as their birthday, their interests, what they did for a job, their friends and families and sometimes (if they lived a really long time ago), about their death and when or how they died. This week, you would have to really look closely at certain significant individuals and find out lots of information about them to use for your biography.


Your challenge for today is to read the story below, 'Hoorah for Mary Seacole' by Trish Cooke and Anni Axworthy, and discuss with your family.

Then, write 5 interesting facts about Mary Seacole in your home learning book.