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Hi Year One 

It's Thursday, almost the end of the week! But, more importantly, it's time to finish off your stories just as authors do.

Today you need to write the ending for your story. Remember, this is the part in which you find a way to solve the problem that arose in the middle of the story.


Now think about your characters and the problem in your story map.

How did your characters solve their problem? What actions did they have to take? How did they feel afterwards? Did things go back to normal?

We'd like you to end the story with a lovely resolution. See the powerpoint below for ideas.



You have worked so hard on these stories all week and we are already so proud of some of the entries that have been sent in. Make sure you read your story aloud to your family, and see if it makes sense. If it doesn't or there are some things to change, how could you make it better? 


Think about using your writing tools below before publishing:


  • Neat handwriting including ascenders, descenders, upper and lower case letters that are formed correctly.

  • Do your sentences make sense?

  • Have you used capital letters at the beginning of every sentence?

  • Have you used full stops/question marks/exclamation marks on the end of each sentence?

  • Have you got finger spaces in between your words?


 keep up the hard work authors and we're looking forward to reading your published stories!