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Hello again Year 1!

Who's ready for another day of being an amazing author?

(I know we are!) Yesterday, you wrote an interesting and captivating beginning of your story. Hopefully it really grabbed the readers attention.

Today we're about to continue the adventure. we would like you to write the middle part of your story. Remember, the middle of the story is where the problem happens. Your characters should meet some sort of difficulty and will need to overcome the challenge later on. Ensure to use your story maps to help you navigate through your story.


  • Have you got capital letters, full stops and finger spaces?

  • Have you got an interesting problem that drives the narrative forward?

  • Have you been using interesting adjectives and noun phrases.

  • What about neat handwriting?


We're hoping that you've taken some imaginative inspiration from some of our favourite authors! Did you know some of your favourite films were books to begin with? For example, the Harry Potter films were all books to begin with, all created in the imagination of J.K Rowling! The Worst Witch was created by Jill Murphy and even Mary Poppins was created by a lady called P.L Travers!

Maybe one day, your story would be turned into a book, and then a film. Never stop reaching for the starts Year One!


 We believe you're going to sail through your writing. However, if you need further support, refer to the power point below or even better email us.


Good luck with your stories - we can't wait to read the finished versions.