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Wednesday 27th  January  2021 


LO:   To re-write the middle of a story.  


I can use Fred talk to sound out words.  

I can use HFW to spell accurately.  

I can make my letters all the correct size and shapes.  

I can use a capital letter, full stops and finger spaces. 

 I can write back my writing 



Handwriting  Practice 

Letter  ‘T’ ‘t’  



Spelling - Practice 

His, if, jump 



Children to write the middle of the story using the story map for support. 


Teacher’s model 

One night, a huge storm rolled through the valley. Pattan decided to use the huge pumpkin to save all the creatures in the valley. 

Pattan and the animals emptied out the pumpkin of its flesh, then they all climbed into the huge pumpkin for safety.