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Tuesday 26th January 2021 

LO: To re-write the beginning of a story.  



I can use Fred talk to sound out words.  

I can use HFW to spell accurately.  

I can make my letters all the correct size and shapes.  

I can use a capital letter, full stops and finger spaces.  


 Purpose: To write a story and become authors.   


Handwriting  Practice 

Letter ‘ ‘L ‘ l’  



Spelling  Practice 

Did, an, as 



 Children to write the beginning of the story using the story map from the previous lesson. 

 Teacher's model 


Once upon a time, there was a man called Pattan who lived with his wife, Kanni. They lived in the valley which had lovely flowers, tall towering trees and a blue sparkling river.  

They looked after crops and animals in the valley. One day, Pattan found a pumpkin seed so he decided to plant it and care for it until it grew really BIG.