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Monday 25th January  2021 

LO: To create a story map.   



I can retell the main events in a known  story  

I can draw pictures to retell a story. 



pumpkin, Pattan, Kaani, mountain, valley, river, animals, plants, storm 


Handwriting Practice 

Letter ‘ R’ ‘r’   


Spelling Practice 

Of, off, just 


A story maps purpose is to ‘guide us’ through a story as a real map would.   

There will be 6 boxes, 2 for the beginning of the story, 2 for the middle, 2 for the end. 




Create a story map 










  • What happens at the beginning of the story? This is where we set the scene.  

  • What happens in the middle of the story? This is where there is a problem.  

  • What happens at the end of the story? This is where the problem is solved.