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Today you are going to be using all of the skills we have practised over the last two weeks to plan your own independent persuasive letter. This week, we are writing a letter to the King to persuade him to send the evil, unkind and ungrateful Sheriff to prison! (Doesn't he deserve it!angry) Why do you think the Sheriff deserves to go to prison? 


Below are the resources we used last week to help us keep our letter super interesting and most importantly, very persuasive! Don't forget to download those to your device again so that you can include lots of fantastic language in your letter. smiley


When planning today remember:

- use bullet points to only write down the key points

- what common exception words have you included?

-what conjunctions could you use?

-what persuasive language could you include?

-have you used any key vocabulary from the story Robin Hood?


If you're feeling unsure, look back at your plan that you completed with your teacher last week. yes


1. Pick the planning sheet below that suits your ability the best:

2. Use the resources below to add interesting vocabulary to your plan: