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Good morning Year 2 and welcome to Week 2 of Writing at home! smiley


This weeks topic is 'Instructions' and we are going to start the week off by looking at some important features that will help us to create some super fantastic instructions! Does that sound good? 


Click the link below and read through the PowerPoint with an adult. You will probably recognise the words "Imperative Verbs" because we used them at the beginning of the year when we created our ladybirds and bumblebees! 



What a perfect opportunity to practise our beautiful handwriting during today's task! I left my ruler at school so I haven't underlined my date and learning objective because I want my learning to be tidy. I have made sure that my capital letters stand really tall and reach the top of my line and my descenders are sitting perfectly with their hanging tails. smiley


I even challenged myself, can you see? I haven't got a red pen at home so I used my green pen to add in some suffixes to my sentences. Can you tell your adult what suffix I have used? Those Special Agents will be so impressed! 

Can you use a coloured pen to add some of these words into your sentences? You can only use the word once! 








Don't forget to send your wonderful handwriting over to Miss Shermin so that she can display it on our website. smiley