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Thursday 17th December 2020 

LO:  To write an invitation.   


I can use the features of invitation.   

 I can   use my sound to write.   

I can start my sentences with a capital letter and end with a full stop.  


Write some irregular   common words.  


To, from, invitation, dear, children, nativity, online  


Show different types of invitation to your child. Recap from previous lessons if they remember what an invitation is and why are it written? Remind them about the invitation that she /he wrote to invite his /her friends to a ‘Rumpus’. Tell your child that she / he is going to write an invitation to  his/her friend to watch his / her class nativity online.

 Recap the features of invitation at this stage. To, From, Dear etc:  

 Orally compose sentences together and model writing the sentences- count how many words, use Fred talk and spell some words correctly, that is common exception words. Ask children if the sentence has been written correctly. If not what’s missing? Refer to SC to remind children of the use of capital letters and full stops as part of the features of an invitation.  


 Task: To write a short invitation message