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Tuesday 15Th December 2020  

LO: To describe a setting  


 I can use my sound to write words   

 I can say out loud what I am going to write   

 I can   add adjectives to nouns  

 Purpose: To use descriptive language to develop their vocabulary   


Stable, dry, warm, animal, friendly, straw, settled, born   


 Recap the previous lesson with your child.  Elicit with your child what a setting is. Show  your child  a picture of a setting and ask him/her to describe it.   

Tell your child   to imagine her/ himself in the setting and use his /her senses to describe it.  

 What can you see?  

What can you hear?  

What will you smell?  

How will you feel?  

Modelled Intro Examples:  

 Encourage children to compose and rehearse the sentences orally and together scribe the sentences. 

Task: To compose and write their own simple sentences.