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Monday 14th December 2020 

LO: To write simple sentence to match pictures. 

Purpose: To write using phonics knowledge.  


I can orally a compose a sentence.     

I can use my sounds to write the sentence.   

I can write a simple sentence using capital letters, finger space and full stops.:   

Vocabulary: stable, angle, born, Bethlehem, donkey, nativity,  


Show your child some illustrations from a nativity. Encourage your child to talk about the pictures and compose simple sentences to match the pictures. Practise rehearsing the sentences before she/ he write them. 


Modelled Intro Examples:   

Mary lived in a little house in a little town.   

An angle appeared in bright sky.   

The angel visited Mary and gave her the good news .

Mary is sitting on a big donkey.   


Key question: does the sentence match the picture?   


Task: Compose and write simple sentences matching pictures.