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 Friday 11th December 2020 

LO:  To write a description of a setting  


I can apply my phonic knowledge to write simple words correctly.  

I can spell new words using all the sounds I can hear.  

I can write CEW automatically.  

I can write a sentence to about a setting, using adjectives to describe what it looks like.  


Purpose: To use descriptive language to develop their vocabulary .  

Vocabulary: Max, tree, wild things, forest setting describe adjectives,   


Ask your child what makes a good description?  

TTYP- Lots of adjective  

 Tell your that to keep his/ her brain warm up you are going to play adjectives tennis.  

Say: I will say an adjective and you have to suggest an alternative.   

 Scary - frightening, creepy, petrifying   


  Shared Learning:   

 Explain to your child that you are going to describe your fantasy setting using descriptive language.    

Show a fantasy setting to your child. Tell him/ her that today, she / he is a sense explorer so she / he has to use his / her senses and imagine him/ herself in that setting.  He/ she should imagine what he / she can see, hear, smell and feel.  

Ask your child to compose and rehear his / her sentence.  

 Model writing the sentence asking help from your child sound out to write.   


Task: To write a description a fantasy setting . 

   Ask your   child to check his/her sentences using the SC after writing.