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Friday 3rd  December 2020 



 LO: To proof read and up level  




  •  I can use finger spaces.  

  • I can use full stops and capital letters   

  •  I can use adjectives   

  •  I can use edit my writing   

  •   I can spell common exception words correctly  

  •   I can form my letters correctly 




Purpose: To sit correctly at a table, holding a pencil comfortably and correctly  


Vocabulary : Max, tree, wild things, forest setting describe adjectives, proud, funny, angry, upset, furious, mischievous. adjectives wild Thing invitation, invite rumpus  


Teacher Introduction:    


 Let you child go through his writing for the week  

 and together go through the Success criteria.  


. Shared Learning  


Have I used   capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  

Have I used   conjunction ‘and’  

Have I used   correct tense?  

Have I formed all the letters correctly? 

 Have I Spelt  CEW  correctly? 

Have I used   My phonics knowledge  to write/   

Have I used   Adjectives? 


Task :   Support  your child to  edit his/her writing for the week using the success criteria.