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Creative Writing-proofread

Dear Children,

In today's writing lesson, we'll like you to re-read your writing activity from yesterday and edit to make your sentences better.


Below is your check list for this activity:

  • Capital letters- all your sentences must begin with capital letters. Names of people and places mentioned in your writing must also begin with capital letters.
  • Spelling- Common Exception Words used in your sentences must be spelt correctly. Example: I, my, house, school, love, here etc.
  • Punctuation- a full stop or exclamation mark or question mark must be placed at the end of your sentence to show us that you have finished writing.



Now, read your descriptive writing to your family. Do you think your writing is better? What does your family think about it?


Please take a photo of your learning and email to as we would like to share your wonderful writing with your friends. We can't wait to celebrate your learning!