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Good morning Year One, and welcome back to our last FABULOUS FRIDAY of the year! 🤩🥳🥰


Today is our last day working with the story 'The Colour of Home' by Mary Hoffman. So cuddle up somewhere cosy, and have one last final read of this beautiful book. 📚



Today's task: 

LO: To create a postcard. 


I can use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 

I can empathise with a character. 

I can use information from a story. 


Somalia, family, home, England, soldier, school


Today we would like you to create a postcard. We would like you to imagine you are Hassan, and you are writing a postcard back to Somalia, to tell your family all about life in England. 📫


Think about the family Hassan left behind, and how excited they would be for news. They might be really worried about Hassan, and how he is settling into life in England. 😔 Try and tell them all the wonderful things about Hassan's new life - his new school, the new flat, his new friends, his new language. I'm sure it'll cheer them right up to see all this fabulous news! 🥰✨


Don't forget, you will need to...

- write in the 1st person, as if you were Hassan (i.e. me, I, we)

- use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

- include details of his new life (e.g school, friends, home, langauge)

- demonstrate excellent handwriting (tall ascenders, low descenders and neat normal letters).


Best of luck guys - we can't wait to see your writing later on SeeSaw!