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Good morning Year One, it's a FABULOUS FRIDAY!


We hope you have enjoyed writing your stories this week! It's been so lovely to see you all sending in your stories on SeeSaw and seeing them grow as the week goes on. 


Today's task: 

LO: To edit and proof read. 


I can sequence a story.  

I can use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  

I can use descriptive and interesting language.  

I can use appropriate punctuation where necessary.  


Today we would like you to read back through your story aloud and make sure it makes sense. You will then need to check for the following things... 


  •          Good handwriting (ascenders and descenders) 
  •          Do your sentences make grammatical sense?
  •         Have you written your story in the correct tense?
  •         Have you used your phonics knowledge to spell words correctly? 
  •          Do you have super sentences with a capital letter, finger space and full stops?
  •         Have you used descriptive language? 


And lastly, did your story flow nicely with a clear beginning, middle and end? If you have missed any of these things, you will need to get a red pen and edit your work! 


Best of luck - we can't wait to see them on SeeSaw!