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Good morning Year One, and welcome back to a wonderful Wednesday laugh


Today we are going to continue using the book 'Malaika's costume' by Nadia L.Hohn to inspire our own stories. We hope you had fun writing the beginning of the story yesterday, because today we're moving on to the middle.. 


Today's task: 

LO: To write a story. (middle) 



I can sequence a story.  

I can use capital letters and finger spaces.  

I can use descriptive and interesting language.  

I can use appropriate punctuation where necessary.  


Malaika, Granny, Jamaica, Canada, dry, hot, sunny  


Today you are going to be using your story map to write the middle of your story. You will need to focus on the middle two boxes, where there is a problem that needs solving. However the challenge now is making sure that your story flows from what you wrote yesterday! 


The focus of the middle of the story is to introduce the problem that the characters face. 

You will need to think about...  

What happened that was a problem? 

How did the characters react? 

How did it make them feel? 

What did they say? 

How big is the problem? 


We're looking forward to see you using all your writing tools so your story is readable and interesting.


 When writing, pause and check for....

- capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 

- good letter formation with ascenders, descenders and normal letter size formed correctly

-  adjectives to describe objects

-  conjunction 'and' and 'but'

- good sentences. Rehearse your sentence by saying them aloud


Remember - you are not retelling the story of Malaika. You are creating your own story! The story should start with Malaika running out of the door and then it's up to you to imagine and write what happens afterwards. Good luck guys!