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Good Morning Year One and happy Mondaylaugh


Welcome back Year One! We hope you had a lovely weekend. Today we are continuing with our story 'Malaika's costume' by Nadia L.Hohn. 


Take a look at this part of the story, as this is going to be the starting point of today's lesson...


Where do you think Malaika is running to?  What is going to happen? Why is she glowing yellow? 



Today's Task:

Learning Objective: To create a story map.  


Success Criteria:  

I can take turns to share my ideas.

I can  sequence a story.  

I can write labels and captions.


run, upset, end, don't, like, ,dry, pull


Today, you are going to become authors! We would like you to have a look at this part of the story and think about this as the beginning of your story. You will need to have a think about where Malaika is running to (the beginning), what happens when she gets there and what the problem is (the middle) and how she solves the problem (the end). 


Activity: We would like you to plot your own story of Malaika onto a story map with a clear beginning, middle and end. You can create characters and settings, or use the ones already in the story! 


Remember, a story map is a plan of your story to help you navigate through it, just like a real map would. Put as much detail as you can into your pictures so when it comes to your write up, you know what you are writing. 


Best of luck and remember to share your learning with your teacher on SeeSaw.