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Good morning Year One and happy Fabulous Friday!laugh


Today we are continuing with our story of Malaika's costume by Nadia L.Hohn. Our focus for today will be on the carnival. 

Today's task: 

Learning Objective: To write an invitation to a carnival. 


Success Criteria: 

I can use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  

I can write in the present tense.

I can include date, time and address

I can spell words.



Time, place, carnival, invited, location.  


Today, we would like you to write an invitation to your friend, inviting them to your carnival. You will need to think about: 


-where your carnival will take place

- the time and date of your carnival

-the address 




Have a look at this example below of all the things needed on an invite... 



Remember, Malaika's carnival was full of colour and life! A good invitation will also reflect this and show just how fabulous your carnival will be! So get creative! 


Best of luck and don't forget to send your learning to SeeSaw!