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Good morning Year Ones and welcome back to a wonderful Wednesday! laugh


Today we are continuing with our book 'Malaika's costume' by Nadia L.Hohn, but still only focusing on one page at a time. Today we have something very exciting planned... you are going to make your carnival creation! blush


We would like you to create something for the carnival. It could be a costume, a head dress, a carnival wrist cuff, a handbag, some flags... anything you like! You will need to pay attention to the steps of making it, so you can share with your family.


Today's task: 

Learning Objective: To write an instruction. 


Success Criteria:  

I can use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  

I can  use imperative verbs.  

I can use numbers or bullet points.


Fold, tie, tuck, hold, wear, material 

Your task is to write an instruction on how to make a carnival creation, for example a head dress, wrist cuff, flag or whatever it may be! There are lots of things to remember when writing instructions, so have a look through the PowerPoint below to remind you of all the things you need to add to your writing so it's readable. 



To ensure your instructions are written well, you will need to make sure you have: 



- A title ('How to make a _____') 

- A list of equipment ('You will need...') 

- Numbered points 

- Time connectives (e.g. first, next, then, after, finally). 

- Imperative verbs (see below) 



If you're still not sure, have a look at the example below! Best of luck Year One!