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Good morning Year One and welcome back to a tremendous Tuesday laugh



In order to complete this lesson, you will need to complete the science lesson FIRST, as this activity is a follow up task from that. If you have not yet attempted science, please come out of the writing page and click on the science tab to navigate to the activity. 


Today, we are continuing with our story of 'Malaika's costume' by Nadia L.Hohn. As you know we have been focusing on certain parts of the book, and today is no exception. Today you will be looking at the page in which Malaika selects her materials for her costume. 



When Malaika is making her costume, she also had to think about the materials she chooses and why she chose them. For example, she chose buttons for eyes and gold wire to attach the feather with.


Today's task: 

Learning Objective: To write a reflection.


Success Criteria:  

I can talk about what I like or dislike about my choice of materials

I can use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  

I can use conjunction ‘because’.  



Because, strong, waterproof, sparkly 


During your science lesson, you would have picked some materials and thought about why those materials were a good choice to use to make something. Today for writing, we would like you to think about (reflect) your choice of materials for your costume from your science lesson and write a reflection on why you chose those materials. 


For example... 

I chose plastic to use on my costume because it is waterproof and shiny . Also, it would look great on my costume and keep me dry if it rains. 


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