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Good Morning Year One and Happy Monday! laugh


Today we are continuing with our book 'Malaika's costume' by Nadia L.Hohn, but once again we are only focusing on a few set pages. Today, we want you to have a look at when Malaika and her Granny make her magical peacock carnival costume.  Have a look below... 

Today's Task: 

LO: To write a list. 



I can format a list.

I can use capital letters and finger spaces.

I can use bullet points or numbers.

Key Spellings: fabric, scissors, buttons, material


Over the course of this week, you will be writing instructions on how to make a costume for the carnival, and then you will actually get to make one! How exciting. 


In order to do this successfully, today we would like you to make a list. 


Today, we would like you to have a think about all the materials you might need for your carnival costume. Think about how Malaika had to go and see Mrs.Chin to gather all her fabric pieces, because you will need to do the same! You will need to gather all the materials and equipment you need to make your costume later on this week. 


Key questions: 

  • What materials would you like to use?
  • What colours would you like?
  • How are you going to make your costume?
  • What equipment will you need? 


You will need to present your list correctly, using bullet points or numbers for each new item and starting on a new line as well. 


Please see below for an example if you're not sure.



Best of luck, Year One!