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Happy Friday Year Ones and what a FABULOUS Friday it is!laugh


Today we are continuing with our text 'Malaika's costume' and we'll continue to look at it page by page to really get an in depth understanding of the story. 


First of all, see if you can find someone in your house and tell them a little bit about Malaika. Where is she from? Who is she? What does she want to do? 


Today's Task: 

LO: To write a description of Malaika's costume. 


Success Criteria: 


I can use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  

I can use a comma.

I can use adjectives.


Key Vocab: colourful, peacock, feathers, blue, green, yellow, red, buttons. 


We would like you to write a description of Malaika's costume (see below) 



In order to describe it properly, you will need to use adjectives. Remember, adjectives are describing words that help you to describe a noun (a noun is a thing e.g. Malaika's costume). Have a look at the powerpoint below to help remind you of adjective's and how to use them... 

Example Writing: 


If you're unsure, have a look at the examples below to help you. Highlighted in green are all the adjectives to describe the costume. Look how many there are!



Have you noticed that some of the descriptive phrases have commas used to make a list? I wonder how many of you could have a go at using them!