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Good morning Year One, and welcome back to a wonderful Wednesday! laugh


Today, we are continuing with our story Malaika’s costume by Nadia L.Hohn.  The illustrations in the book are so beautiful with such a lovely story in it. We encourage you to read the full story now and discuss the events with your family. 

We're going to focus on a particular page today. 



What do you think is wrong with Malaika? Why is she upset? How do you know she's upset? Can you think of a time you were upset? 


Today's task: 

L.O: To write a simple question.   



I can use a question mark.   

I can use capital letters and finger spaces.   

I can draw inference from a story.   

Key vocabulary: you, time, where, for,they


Imagine Mailaika is your friend and she approaches you looking sad. You would want to try and find out what was wrong by asking her some caring questions.


Task: Write at least 5 questions to ask Malaika about how she’s feeling and how you can help her. Remember, at the end of every question, there should be a question mark.  



What is wrong Malaika? 

Do you miss your mum? 

What was in the letter for Grandma? 

How do you feel?