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Good morning Year One and happy Monday.  ☀️


Welcome back to another week of writing. Today we are starting a new book called ‘Malaika’s costume’ by Nadia L.Hohn. It is a beautiful story and we can’t wait to share it with you. To begin with, have a look at the front cover...

Now, read first few pages of the story... 




LO: To write a prediction  



I can use information from a book.  

I can make predictions. 

I can use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  


Key vocabulary: you, time, where, for,they



Activity 1:

Today, we would like you to write a prediction about where the story is set. You will need to be a super reading detective and look for clues in the story. Look at the characters clothes and  illustrations. Do we dress like this in England? Now look at the sentences and the way the characters speak. Is the language similar to ours or different? Look at the plants and  animals and the costumes for the festival. Do we see animals walking in our streets? When do we wear costumes? All of these things are clues to help tell you where this story might be set. The story might be set somewhere in the UK or not. How do you know?   


We would like you to write simple sentences about where the story might have happened and explain why you think so. Use clues from the text to help you. 



I think the story is set in a busy town in Nigeria because there are palm trees along the road and animals walking in the street. Also,the story may have happened in.....



Remember to share your learning on Seesaw with your class teacher when you're finished. 


Enjoy your writing!