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Good morning Year One, and hello to a Fantastic Fridaylaugh


Today is our last day working with the book 'Jabuti the Tortoise' by Gerald McDermott. Please have one last read... 

Today, we have a super cool challenge for you. 


In school today, the children will be writing in their yellow writing books. If you can remember, when we write in our yellow books it means that our writing is totally independent. That means we get no help or input from the adults, we need to use everything we have learned over the past few weeks to help us. 


Today’s task:  

LO: To write a story (cold write).   

Success Criteria:  

I can sequence a story.   

I can use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  

I can show good handwriting.  

I can use conjunctions to make my sentences extend.  

I can use adjectives and descriptive language to make my story more interesting.  


Today, you are going to write your whole story independently – which means with no help from parents. surprise This is your chance to show us exactly what you can do without any help from adults. You have had a practise attempt at your story already this week, with your story map to help you. Now we would like you to do it with no help at all. I know you are all superstars so can do it easily! 

To start with, have a quick read through of your story map and the book, just to refresh your memory. Maybe have a read through of your story from this week as well.  

Now it’s time to become an author! We would like you to rewrite the story of Jabuti with a clear beginning, middle and end. You should be aiming for at least half a page, if not more.  

Remember to include all of your 'story ingredients' to make your story fun and interesting to read. 



Have you included...   

- capital letters, full stops and finger spaces?   

- handwriting with tall ascenders, low descenders and nice normal letters?  

- lots of adjectives and descriptive language? (It makes your work super interesting!)  

- conjunctions that extend your sentences (e.g. because, and, so... )