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Hello year one, and welcome back to another Wonderful Wednesday! laugh


Today we are, once again, continuing with our work of Jabuti the Tortoise. I will leave the story underneath for you to have a muse through should you need to remind yourself.  

Today’s task:  

LO: To write a story using a story map.  

Today you are going to be writing the story, using the story map to support you. However, we would like you to do this slowly and properly so please only complete the beginning and some of the middle. This means only write up boxes 1 and 2, and then if you feel comfortable to do so you can complete boxes 3 and 4.  Please do not draw up boxes 4/5 as this will be completed tommorow. 


Remember to include all of your 'story ingredients' to make your story fun and interesting to read.


Have you included...  

- capital letters, full stops and finger spaces?  

- handwriting with tall ascenders, low descenders and nice normal letters? 

- lots of adjectives and descriptive language? (It makes your work super interesting!) 

- conjunctions that extend your sentences (e.g. because, and, so... )