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Hello year one, and welcome to a Terrific Tuesday!  laugh


Today we are continuing with the story of Jabuti, so just take a moment to re-read the story and refresh your memory.  


LO: To create a story map.  


Today, you are going to be plotting the story of Jabuti onto a story map. There are 6 boxes which means you need to draw the 6 key events of the story in them.  


1 – Jabuti plays his songs and tricks the animals 

2 – The king calls the festival of heaven  

3 – Jabuti climbs on the vultures back  

4 – Jabuti falls and cracks into lots of pieces  

5 – The king of Heaven sends the birds to find Jabuti  

6 – Jabuti is fixed and changes the colours of the Macaw, the Hummingbird and the Toucan.  


As always with story maps, it’s really important you include as much detail and key vocabulary as you can. (Especially as later on this week you are going to be using the story map to write the story.  


Please make sure you lay out the story map into the boxes as listed above, so to ensure you have structured the story accurately.  

Blank Story Map