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Hello Year One, and welcome back to a Marvellous Monday!


Today we are continuing with the story of Jabuti the Tortoise in the amazing Amazon. Please take this opportunity to read through the story again and really pay attention to Vulture and what he does in the story…


Today’s task

LO: To write an opinion.


For today’s task, we are going to ask you for your opinion on something. We want to know –

Do you think the vulture should be punished for what he did?


Activity 1

We would like you to write down your answer to the question and then justify your opinion with why you think that e.g.

I think the vulture should be punished because he was unfair to Jabuti and tricked him.


Activity 2

Once you have completed Activity 1, we would like you to have a think about what you think could be fair punishment. Think about the what sort of punishment might teach Vulture a lesson and make him behave better in the future.