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Good morning Year One, and happy Friday!laugh


Jabuti the Tortoise is still our story for today, so have another read if you’re not sure what happens (or just fancy having a moment to yourself with a lovely book). 

Today’s task:  

LO: To create a poster for the talent show. 


Today, you are going to be helping to create a poster for the festival in Heaven. All of the animals will be coming to perform with singing and dancing and sweet music. You need to try and make the poster as bright and colourful as you can, as well as including the information needed so all the animals know the information.


You will need to include...  

  • A title for the poster 

  • Date/time of the carnival 

  • Location of the carnival 

  • Who’s invited 

  • What’s going to happen there 


Don't forget!

Make sure you remember all those important writing skills that we always talk about. You need to have neat handwriting, that is on the line. You need to make sure you are using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces whilst rehearsing your sentences out loud before you write them. Best of luck and don’t forget to send them into Seesaw when you’re finished!