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Hi guys! heart


Ready for another writing activity? Of course, you are!  

As always, I’m going to post the story below. Today, I’d like you read it out loud to someone; whether your mum, dad, carer, nan, brother, sister or even to yourself in the mirror.

As you read the text, you'll realise there are a lot of interesting things going on in the Amazon rain forest. All the different animals and Jabuti are playing a lot of tricks and I think it’s time for some rules to be laid out to help these animals behave.  



LO: To write a list.  


Your task today is to write a list of rules that the animals need to adhere to in the jungle. You need to think about Jabuti’s behaviour when he was tricking people, and whether or not he should have done that.  


Key questions: What are some of the rules that you think we should have in the rainforest? How can we keep the rainforest safe? How should we behave towards each other....think about our value of the week, RESPECT!


Remember you're writing a list and you need to use the features of a list such as using bullet points or numbers and writing simple sentences below each other.


Important skill: Check for the correct spelling of words as you write. 

                           Handwriting- form all upper cases and lower cases correctly.