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Morning Year One, and welcome back again! It was so lovely to see so many children back at school yesterday! Don’t worry – the learning will still be posted to the website every day so you can keep up with what we are doing in class with the teachers.  


Today, we are continuing with our story of Jabuti the Tortoise. Once again, I’m going to post the story below – just so you can have a read through to remember what happens.  smiley

Even though we have read the book so many times, I bet there are some things you are still wondering about the characters in the story. I wonder if you could think of some questions to ask them…  


Today’s task.  

LO: To write questions to ask a character, using the correct punctuation.  


Today, your task is to create some questions to ask one of the characters in the story. We use questions to find out something we don’t know. For example,…  


How do I solve this maths problem?  


What is your name?  


Please have a quick look through the PowerPoint below, just to remind you how questions work, and complete the activities in it.  

Task 1:  

Today, we are going to ask you to write down a list of questions that you would like to ask Jabuti the Tortoise. Think about what words youa re going to use to start your sentence and where the question mark will need to go.  


Task 2:  

Next, I want you to ask these questions to a member of your family and ask them to pretend to be Jabuti. Make sure they’ve read the book so they know who Jabuti is, and you never know… you might get some answers to your questions!  


Don't forget!

Make sure you remember all those important writing skills that we always talk about. You need to have neat handwriting, that is on the line. You need to make sure you are using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces whilst rehearsing your sentences out loud before you write them. Best of luck and don’t forget to send them into Seesaw when you’re finished!