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Happy Friday Year 2! laugh


This week you have worked hard to research and write lots of interesting information about the seaside town, Southend-On-Sea. Yesterday you edited your learning with some more information to make your writing even better. Today is the fun part - you are going to be creating your very own leaflet! laugh


You are going to be using your beautiful handwriting to copy over the wonderful information that you found throughout the week. Mrs Ali has created a step by step PowerPoint to help you create and organise your information. Once you are finished, if you have any colouring pens or pencils, why don't you decorate it so that it stands out (even more!) to the people visiting Southend-On-Sea? wink


Remember to take a picture of your final product and upload it to Seesaw - your teachers can't wait to see it! laugh


Click the PowerPoint when you are ready to start: