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Good morning Year One, and welcome back to the writing page!laugh Today we have even more fabulous writing challenges for you to do! Are you ready?


First of all, I wonder if any of you spent the weekend thinking about Jabuti the Tortoise and his story. Today we’re going to be looking at your prediction skills again and seeing if you can gain extra information from the text.


First of all, have one more read of the story, just to familiarise yourself. Make sure you pay extra attention to Jabuti and all the amazing talents he has

Sometimes in a story, there is so much more information than what is shown in the book. These characters have lots more about them, that the words and pictures don’t show us. We know that Jabuti is really talented, and is able to make sweet music with his flute. But I wonder what else he can do? Have a think about the kind of tortoise Jabuti is. He’s creative and friendly. What do you think his other talents could be?

Today’s Task

LO: To write a prediction about the other talents Jabuti has.


Task 1:

Your first task today is to write a few simple sentences on what other talents you think Jabuti might possess.  You can write these down, ensuring you use a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces.


Task 2:

Your next task is to write a small report on your own talents. You need to write in full sentences like we always do and include much information as you can. Everybody has talent! If you’re a bit stuck, ask your family for some help! I’ll give you a quick example…


My talent has always been using a skipping rope. I have got so good at it recently. It took lots of practice and time to get used to it, but then I got really good. I can jump fast and slow, or even with a friend! At playtime, I like to go onto the playground and find the skipping rope. I love skipping with other people and showing them my talents. I like to teach them all the different skipping talents I have learned.

Don't forget!


Make sure you remember all those important writing skills that we always talk about. You need to have neat handwriting, that is on the line. You need to make sure you are using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces whilst rehearsing your sentences out loud before you write them. Best of luck and don’t forget to send them into Seesaw when you’re finished!