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Welcome to our Fantastic Friday!heart


We hope you've had a lovely first week back and have been enjoying the story of Jabuti the Tortoise. 

Just in case you need another reminder of the story, we'll pop it below for you. 




LO: To write a setting description.


Today's task is simple. You need to pick one of the settings displayed in the book, and describe it using the most inventive and exciting adjectives you can think of! Just follow the three easy steps below.. 


1. Collect your adjectives. 

Think of all the words you can for the setting of your choice, and list them down as we do in school. Remember to check your spellings, to ensure they're spelt correctly in your work. 


2. Write your description. 

Now it's time to write your description using full sentences. Don't forget all your writing tools. 


3. Check and edit. 

Now it's time to look back through your work and check for all the important bits. Have a look at the checklist below and look at your work to see if you have included them! 

Don't forget!


Make sure you remember all those important writing skills that we always talk about. You need to have neat handwriting, that is on the line. You need to make sure you are using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces whilst rehearsing your sentences out loud before you write them. Best of luck and don’t forget to send them into Seesaw when you’re finished!